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Well, everything went well with my senior project (except it never did get off the ground). It was still an awesome learning experience. If only I had bought bigger motors...

I've recently taken a job working with Dr. Winstead in the ECE department at USU. I'm working on a system that detects when horses are distressed so they can get help before they die. You can read more on the project here. The system is based on an AVR+ZigBee module, which is SWEET! So basically I get to play around with electronics and microcontrollers and get paid for it. I'm living the life :-)

One thing I've been able to learn at this new job is PCB design. Below is a picture of my first PCB:

In other news, I'm going to UC Riverside for grad school! I got a 1 year fellowship+stipend in the Electrical Engineering Department. They're also flying me out next week to attend an Open House. Pizza! Sonnie and I are going to Brazil the day after I get home. By the end of Spring Break I will have flown 6 times (not counting layovers). Castaway time!

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