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Track That Thing is the first Android
application I’ve developed. It allows you to easily record and share
your location in real-time. It’s available for free on Google
The source code for the Android app as well as the Google App Engine
app are on GitHub.


How TTT Was Born

When I was interviewing around the country in late 2010 I wanted to
share my location in real-time with my wife back in California so that
she could kind of “come along for the ride” and help decide which
place would be the best fit for us. After some searching in the
Android Market I began to notice that all of the real-time location
sharing apps were pretty much disgusting or weren’t free. I had been
looking for an interesting idea to get my feet wet in Android
development, so I decided to write one myself. (I have since
which is a very awesome app that does exactly what I originally
wanted. However, I’m glad I didn’t find it because I never would have
made TrackThatThing. Also, I think TrackThatThing is slightly simpler
to use than glympse.)


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